Sparks flew
The day we met
Overwhelmed by passion
I gave in
To your lips
They taste divine
To your touch
It excites
To your words
I melt
To your body
I mould
Thrusting myself towards you
Aching for more
It’s so intense
Like nothing experienced before
We’re both possessed
By that devil
Called Lust
We have to give in
We have to
We must

(c) 2013 heavenlyhaven1808


A Match Made In Heaven

I want to devour you
So we become one entity
Writhing together
In pure ecstasy
Consumed by love
I’ll be your fantasy
Slipping into your bed
Gently stroking your head
Whispering your name
Caressing without shame
Every inch of your skin
Leading us to sin
As our bodies meet
And start the dance
Of our sensual union
And our romance
It’s a match made in heaven

(c) 2013 heavenlyhaven1808

I Am Your Angel

I watch over you
While you sleep
Afraid to touch you
In case you wake
Your face looks calm
And content
Unlike your wakeful one
That’s contorted with anxiety
And fear
Of the unknown
And what awaits you
In the dark, dark depths
Of the night
After lights are extinguished
And your will is relinquished
Given up to sleep
I know
You fear the devils
That abide there
I see your tears
Every night my sweet
But fear not
For I will protect you
My love will save you
I am your guardian
I am your Angel
You are safe my love

(c) 2013 heavenlyhaven1808

Online Love

You’re always quick to criticise
Looking at me with stone cold eyes
You don’t agree with things I say
If I argue you make me pay
Mourning for the love we’ve lost
Sticking together at any cost
You drove me to the arms of others
Furtive texting under covers
I know you’ll never understand
Even answers that you demand
Could not explain the way I feel
Online love is just as real
As any in a world that’s seen
And not just on my iPhone screen

(c) 2013 heavenlyhaven1808

Thinking of Him

Heart races
Pulse quickens
Face flushes
Pupils dilate
Belly flips
Bite down on lip
Nipples pop
Fingers find
Damp haven
Folds yield
Soft sigh
Tracing circles
Slow build
Gentle teasing
Stroking, probing
Thoughts so pleasing
Juices flowing
Rapid flicking
Sheet gripping
Now the moment
Hips start bucking
Back is arching
Rapid breathing
A cry of lust
And then your name
I whimper
With the last thrust

(c) 2013 heavenlyhaven1808

Playing With Fire

Playing with fire
Our pent up desire
Comes rushing to the surface
Flushed cheeks and chest
You never rest
As you play our game
The rules are the same
You’re the boss
You call the shots
I’m your toy
To play with and enjoy
You say “You’re mine”
I obey you every time
When you want me on my knees
To pleasure you and tease
You grab me by the hair
I’m so grateful that you care
I’m your dirty little girl
I can make you grunt and spill
Then I lick up every drop
You know I’ll never stop
Until you tell me to
Because I belong to you

(c) 2013 heavenlyhaven1808