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Musings From Under The Beret (18+ Only NSFW)

I sit at my writing desk, sipping my Absinthe and patiently waiting for the muse to take me. I stare at the pristine white paper and start to jot down a few ideas, outlining the description of a female character.

Taking another drink, the words flow from my pencil, covering the page with the vision of the beauty that stands before me in my minds eye. I rest for a moment, reading over what I’ve written, more than pleased with the woman I’ve created.

It’s late and the effects of the strong drink are beginning to take its toll. I lay my pencil down with a sigh and remove my glasses, pinching the bridge of my nose and rubbing my tired eyes.

I don’t know whether it’s the alcohol or tiredness or both, but the words appear to be moving on the page; twisting and writhing with a life of…

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If We Only Had An Hour

If we only had an hour
What would we do?
Drink coffee and chat?
No, not that
Something stronger
As we drink each other in
And feast our eyes
On naked flesh
Bathed in desire
To taste our need
From head to toe
The ache of lust
That drives us so
To grind and thrust
Towards conclusion
Our pent up passion
Soon erupts
Sated once
Then twice
More would be nice
But we only have an hour…

(c) 2013 heavenlyhaven1808