Letting Go

Closing my eyes 

I inhale 

Your scent 

As my lips 

Softly sink 

Into your




Transporting me back

To the intimacies 

Of stolen moments 

Of another life

That wasn’t mine.

Our story flashes through my mind as if dying

Which, of course, it is.

So I grudgingly let go

No last words 

Left bereft…

Unable to make a scene 

In public 

I swallow hard

Blink away a tear 

And stare out at nothingness 



Then remembering 

The day you crashed into my life

Teasing an ache from me I didn’t know was there.

I wanted to run


Like a rabbit

But found myself seduced by your intensity and sweetness

Like chocolate

I had to have you

And you willingly gave yourself to me

Like no one else.

Like chocolate 

I convinced myself that something that tasted so good couldn’t be bad.


I ignored the signs 

When enthusiasm morphed into guilt ridden withdrawal of your affections 

Your inner turmoil obvious.

“But you started it!”

The childish voice within admonishes you silently.

So with raw emotions I stumble through my days 

My nights 

My days



© Heavenlyhaven1808 2017