Our Night

You lifted my top
Above my head
Revealing lace bra
A confection in red
Newly acquired
For your delectation
For our first union
Our celebration
Of finally meeting
After months of tweeting
And talking on the phone
Listening to each other moan
I get to fuck you for real
Oh my!
How good it feels
To run my hands under your shirt
I promise it won’t hurt
As I nibble your skin
Tempting you to sin
Your chest now bare
I stroke curls of short dark hair
Then drag my fingers down
And start stroking you…there
You’re hard
But not to please
My desire
Is you to tease
As I kiss and flick my tongue
I don’t care that you’re so young
You’ve found my hidden treasure
As you start to give me pleasure
Slipping under soft red lace
You’ve a smile upon your face
When your fingers stroke my lips
To your hand I thrust my hips
You delve deeper to my clit
Slowly circling and teasing it
My juices gush and flow
Your fingers seem to know
Exactly what to do
As I stroke and fondle you
Sliding up and down your cock
It’s so hard it’s like a rock
I whisper in your ear
I want you
It’s so clear
You want me too
You turn me over
You pull me up
I’m on all fours
You sink into me
You fuck me
Like I need to be
We moan
And groan
Moving slowly
Then fast
Finally we cum
At last

(c) 2012 heavenlyhaven1808


Vanilla Thoughts

Coffee flavoured kisses
On my lips
Sweet caresses
Of my hips
Molten chocolate
Words I hear
Vanilla flavoured
Thoughts are near
I open up
My pot of honey
When your fingers
Stroke my belly
Oh how you make me
Blush and giggle
Sigh and moan
And writhe and wriggle
Feasting on each others bodies
Go on baby
Have a nibble

(c) 2012 heavenlyhaven1808

Our First Date

You showed up at the square
I was late
For our first date
But you waited
And when our eyes met
It was as if a lightening bolt
Went through me
To my very core
We kissed
A gentle touch
Of lips
On cheeks
Hearts raced
Words tumbled out
Then we went for coffee
And ordered cake
Red Velvet
We sipped slowly
Teased a dialogue out of thin air
But couldn’t eat
Our tummies full
Of butterflies
They boxed up the cake
We left
On our way
To heaven
Or maybe hell
We checked into the hotel
Our excitement growing
When we got to the room
Yours was definitely showing
We kissed our first kiss
Standing by the door
You took off my coat
And let it fall to the floor
Our tongues they entwined
As your hands found their way
Over my curves
Your fingertips did play
As I stroked your face
My nipples touched your chest
Even through our clothes I knew
The sex would be the best

(c) 2012 heavenlyhaven

My Perfect Guy

My perfect guy is funny
Sexy, Cute
Intelligent to boot

He makes me laugh
He makes me cry
He even has a wandering eye

But its all worthwhile
When I see his wicked grin
Or hear his molten voice
Tempting me to sin

He makes me smile
Each and every day
And turns me on in every way

Sometimes we talk
Into the night
Hugging each other so very tight

He hardly speaks
But I know he’s there
I hope he knows I really care

He comes for hugs
He comes for kisses
Or whatever he so wishes

His tastes they vary
And his humour
He has a varying demeanour

His mood is up
Sometimes he’s down
I want to kiss away his frown

I’m at the mercy
Of his mood
I’m rarely treated as I should

I wait for him
For many hours
He comes. He goes
There’s never flowers

And yet his presence
Is a gift
It always gives me such a lift

There are contradictions
To be found
When my lover is around

He is every man
He is no man
He is my composite man

(c) 2012 heavenlyhaven1808

In You Arms

You held me
In your arms last night
You held me close
You held me tight
You whispered
Sweet words
Into my ear
You took away
The fear
Of loneliness
You made me feel
So good
Just like
I knew you would
But the time
It went so fast
And the feeling
Didn’t last
As I woke up
With a start
From me
You had to part
It had only been a dream
Yet how real
That hug had seemed
And now I lie here
In the dark
Without your spark
The tears begin to flow
As your arms
I crave to know

(c) 2012 heavenlyhaven1808

Unrequited Love

Pouring out my love for you
Trying not to cry
It isn’t what I want to do
But life would be a lie

I think of you on waking
I think of you at night
My heart, it feels like breaking
Still, loving you feels right

My feelings are confusing
I know I’ll never win
For your heart I’m always yearning
And our love story to begin

(c) 2012 heavenlyhaven1808