The Moment

Tongue tracing
A path
From root to tip
Urging your grip
To tighten
Holding my hair
Smiling at you
As you bite your lip
I devour you
You shudder
I hear you groan
And moan
My darling
The moment
Is yours
To own

(c) 2012 heavenlyhaven 1808

In Pain

The pain
Of sharing
My lover
Almost outweighed
So immense
It makes me soar
To new heights
But then there’s the lows
When I crash to earth
Battered and bruised
Fucked and used
I lick my wounds
Dust myself down
Ready and waiting
For the next crumb
A titbit
A delicious nibble
Or maybe a feast
If I’m lucky
I’m the other woman
Or should I say
One of many
Who grab his attention
His shared affection
It’s hard to cope
At times
I give up hope
And resolve to quit
My lover’s hit
But then he shows up
Handsome, hot and horny
I melt into his arms
Like I’ve no will of my own
I let him seduce me
With his silky words
And his magical images
It’s as if we’re in our own love bubble
No one else exists
Just the two of us
Snuggled together
Not forever
All too soon
He leaves
Sometimes abruptly
I feel bereft
And powerless
He’s gone
I never know how long
The absence will last
Sometimes curiosity takes hold
I become bold
I take a peek
I spy him
With the others
A moment
That could be
A moment
With me
I cry
Then wait
In pain

(c) 2012 heavenlyhaven1808