Angel’s Delight

She takes pleasure from denying him what he needs and wants.
Knowing that her way is better. More intense. That he’ll enjoy the sensations more. Yes, to tease and deny him fulfils her darkest fantasies. He is stretched out on the bed, blindfolded. His limbs are tethered to the bed frame with silk ties. She has him exactly where she wants him. Beneath her. As she sways and circles her voluptuous hips, a single drop of her sweet essence drops on his waiting tongue, heightening his senses.
She places her warm, moist, petallike folds against his parched lips allowing him to lap at her arousal like his life depends on it. And in a way it does. For without his mistress he is nothing. Just a shell. Empty. She is everything to him. Everything his heart, body and soul desires. She purrs and speaks softly to him… “Yes my love, you know how to please me. Satisfy me and I will let you have the one thing you desire the most…”
Gently stroking his hair as she straddles his face, riding his lips and tongue slowly and rhythmically, she soon lets out a soft moan as her legs shudder and she holds him between her thighs in a vice like grip. He can feel the nylon of her stockings rubbing against his cheeks. He closes his lips around her button and sucks gently. He then flicks his tongue rapidly over it, only stopping occasionally to swallow. Muttering obscenities she climaxes hard, holding the headboard firmly for support, bathing his face in her sweet, musky nectar. Breathing hard she dismounts, unties him, removes his blindfold and bends over, offering him her perfectly round derrière.
“Now sweetness! Now!” She growls. He immediately bounces into position knowing exactly what she wants. He starts to softly lick along the seam of her moist, swollen pussy from behind, circling her tight forbidden place with just the tip of his tongue. Preparing her. She murmurs his pet name, granting him the permission he craves. He then proceeds to press the head of his thick, engorged member against her pouting lips, sliding it teasingly back and forth through the silkiness, then pushing gently into her beautiful tightness. She gasps as he fills her completely. “Oh baby!” She cries as he starts to fuck her, his breathing quickening. He groans but knows the score. There will be hell to pay if he gets it wrong. He rocks back and forth enjoying the sounds coming from her sensuous and seductive mouth. He feels proud. He gets pleasure from giving Her pleasure. Up to a point. After some time, he daringly asks permission. He begs. He whimpers in pain, the pressure building in his balls.
“Please Mistress! Say it!”
She rubs her clit furiously with a well manicured finger. Nearing her own orgasm, she purrs. She moans. She pants. But she says nothing.
He continues bravely but he’s rapidly approaching the point of no return. As he thrusts in and out of her he has to close his eyes as the sight of her quivering ass and tight, dark hole does nothing to control the sensations now making his cock throb violently. He tries to block the urge to place his thumb against it. Or better still, the crown of his cock…
And as she cums, spasming on his rock hard member, gripping him within her, milking him, he succumbs to the irresistible tug in his loins.
He grunts loudly as he cums. He cums so hard it hurts. It’s so intense. His hot seed shoots forcefully into her heavenly depths. “Ohhh fuck!” He exclaims, gasping, the last thrusts slowing, one last spurt flowing into her now dripping cunt. He will never forget the experience. But, there will be hell to pay.

1 thought on “Angel’s Delight

  1. Oh my! That’s a highly erotic scenario you’ve come up with there, very hot and very arousing. A superb piece of writing too, I could feel his tension and desire for release.

    Well done you, this is excellent! 😊xx

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