Thinking of Him

Heart races
Pulse quickens
Face flushes
Pupils dilate
Belly flips
Bite down on lip
Nipples pop
Fingers find
Damp haven
Folds yield
Soft sigh
Tracing circles
Slow build
Gentle teasing
Stroking, probing
Thoughts so pleasing
Juices flowing
Rapid flicking
Sheet gripping
Now the moment
Hips start bucking
Back is arching
Rapid breathing
A cry of lust
And then your name
I whimper
With the last thrust

(c) 2013 heavenlyhaven1808


6 thoughts on “Thinking of Him

  1. Oh my, you had a very good moaning πŸ˜‰
    That is hot and I loved how you can’t help but read it faster and faster as the moment comes rushing through you.


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