Sweet Reward

The ache starts again
The urge is never far away
My desire is awakening
Responding to your voice
I bend to your will
For me there is no choice
I gasp
I know
My time has come
To kneel before you
Bowing low
Waiting for your will to please
I am your toy
I’m here to tease
Yes Master
I shall obey
I’m here to serve you
In every way
Whether on my knees
Or bending over
Atop your loins
Or something other
Just say the word
I’ll do your bidding
I’m here to please
I’ve nothing hidden
I am laid bare upon my bed
My legs cast wide
Or perhaps instead
You’d prefer I crouch
Upon all fours
I am indeed
Completely yours

I sink down low
Upon my knees
I grip your thighs
My tongue does tease
Your hardening shaft
It kisses and licks
Around the head
Then under it flicks
My Master you grow
With every touch
I glow with pride
To see how much
I suck you in
My mouth so warm
I hear you groan
Then sigh
Then moan
I feel you throb
Between my lips
Then start to roll
Your wicked hips
“Your mouth is mine!”
You do declare
Then start to fuck it
Then and there
I gag and gasp
As you speed up
Your thrusting cock
I then look up
Into your eyes
With yours they lock
The look of lust
Upon your face
Transforms to one of love
Then back
As now your sweet release is near
I feel you shudder
You call my name
You cum in jets
Down my throat
Eagerly swallowed
Like the cat who got the cream
I purr
What sweet reward this is
My Sir

(c) 2013 heavenlyhaven1808


10 thoughts on “Sweet Reward

  1. Oh. My. God!

    The hottest, sexiest, most erotic piece I’ve read in a long time!

    If you’ll pardon the pun, this one just blew me away!

    Your work is always first rate but I do believe you’ve excelled yourself with this. I’m not ashed to admit that the images conjured up by your words stirred my loins!

    Your Sir is one hell of a lucky guy!

    Well done!!

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