Talking Dirty

Do you feel a tingle
When I touch you there?
Do your buttocks clench
When I strip you bare?

Does your heart beat faster
When I kiss your lips?
Do you swell and harden
When I grip you by your hips?

Can you feel my nipples
Harden to your touch?
Do you think I’m ready yet?
I want to fuck so much

Push your fingers into me
Test me with your digits
Rub and stroke and fondle me
So I will squirm and fidget

Do you like my pussy?
I shaved it just for you
Do you think I’m wet enough?
I’ll tell you what to do

Do I taste nice baby?
I’m getting nice and wet
I hope you’re being patient
Not time to fuck me yet

Can you lick a little higher?
Yes there! You’ve hit the spot!
Oh god I think I’m coming!
No wait. Not yet I’m not

Can you go a little slower?
It’s better when you tease
Don’t worry, you are next dear
You too I want to please

Do you feel my legs vibrating?
That means I’m going to cum
Can you suck my swollen clitoris
And push a finger up my bum?

Oh fuck! Oh god! Oh baby!
I’m cumming now my sweet!
Oh my fucking lord above!
I need your special treat!

I’m ready for you darling
Can you fuck me now?
I want your cock inside me
But you’ll have to tell me how

Do you want me on all fours dear
Or lying on my back?
Or facing down the bed, babe?
You can give my ass a whack

Or do you want a suck first?
I think it’s only fair
I want to give you pleasure
And show you that I care

Why don’t you move a little closer
And kneel above my head
I’ll guide you to my warm, wet mouth
Do you mind much being led?

Oh god you’re getting hard now
I can taste your sweet pre cum
I suck and kiss and nibble
And massage you with my thumb

Do you want to fuck me now babe?
To thrust your cock within
My moist and silky cunt awaits
To miss would be a sin

I’m ready for you baby
I hope I’m nice and tight
You feel so good inside me
I knew you’d feel just right

Oh god! Oh fuck! Oh baby!
I’m cumming yet again!
I hope you’re cumming too my love
I hope you tell me when

Shall I fuck you faster?
D’you want a good hard ride?
I think I feel you cumming babe
You’re throbbing deep inside

Oh god that was amazing!
I hope you think so too
I know I talk too much babe
But remember….I LOVE YOU! xxx

(c) 2013 heavenlyhaven1808


12 thoughts on “Talking Dirty

  1. Oh my!

    Very, very hot and so erotically charged. I do believe I have some ‘wind in my sails’ whilst reading this!

    I love your raw, earthy language in this one. It perfectly suits the urgency and pleasure to be found in a good, hard fuck!

    Well done Angel, this is superb!

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