Endless Desire

I watch you sleep
Naked and vulnerable
Lying on your front
One leg straight
The other bent
Admiring the width of your shoulders
The muscles of your arms
Imagining being in your warm embrace
My eyes drop a little lower
Following the line of your back
To your beautiful firm ass
And that gap between your thighs
Drawing me in
I crawl along the bed
Lowering my head
I softly kiss you there
To my gaze you are laid bare
I take a little bite
Your flesh it tastes just right
You wake and start to groan
But don’t protest because you know
My pleasure is your pleasure
So you give yourself to me
And ask me what I want
As you roll around to face me
Your manhood stands erect
Deliciously pink and appetising
My tongue cannot resist
A quick lick of your swollen tip
Nails dig into hips
I grab your wrists and hold them down
As I administer loving attention
To your crown
You whimper with desire
But you know I’ll never tire
Of teasing you
Still, you ask if you may cum
I say, soon my pet, then hum
The vibrations make you gasp
While I continue with my task
Licking, kissing sucking you
The way you like me to
So much so you soon cry out
Now, please, now Mistress
Please let me cum, you beg
I smile knowingly
Soon, my pet, soon
I continue to tease you


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