Softly spoken words
Teasing me
Taunting me
Tempting me
Sending me into a spin
When you whisper in my ear
Filling me with desire
With lust
With hunger
As you make me ready
To plunder my heavenly folds
I ache within
My flesh flushes
My pupils dilate
My pulse races
My heart pounds
Nipples harden
Lips swell
I’m instantly wet
You have that power over me
That’s why I succumbed
To your will
Accompanying you to dark and seductive places
Beyond the limits of my imagination
Now I need you
I ache for you
I crave you
Like a drug
I need my fix
To take me to that place
You know the one
It’s ours alone
Satisfying my fantasy
Where we feast on each other
Taking each to the edge
Till you say the words
“Cum for me Angel”
And we spill over
Riding the wave of ecstasy
Then crashing to the shore
In each other’s loving arms
But not for good
As with any addiction
We always want more

(c) 2013 heavenlyhaven1808


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