“Good morning darling! What am I today? Your dirty little whore or can I be your sweet, innocent girl who wants to sit on your lap and have a snuggle?You’ll have to restrain yourself from putting your hand up my tight, short skirt or looking down my top!”

Of course I know you’ll want to do the opposite….

I look up at you adoringly as I suck my thumb, then I lean in and kiss you softly on the lips. This is driving you crazy with lust and desire. I wriggle slightly on your lap.

“Oh my! There’s something hard digging into me! Oh what could it be?” I giggle.

My skirt rides up and you see a flash of my plain, white, cotton knickers. You ache to touch my soft mound. You put your hand on my thigh above my black over the knee socks and give me a squeeze. You tell me what a beautiful, sweet girl I am. We start chatting about things we like…cats and cafes and cake. As we laugh and joke your fingers edge their way up my inner thigh until you’re just touching my pussy lips through the thin material of my panties. You give me an experimental stroke. My eyes widen. I swallow and blush slightly but we carry on talking.

You start to rub me more rhythmically through my knickers and I feel myself moisten and then the most amazing tingle shoot through me right up to my belly. Then I notice the look on your face. That look of sheer lust and love that I’ve always craved. You glance down at my black, low cut top, which is a little too tight to be honest, and I realise you’re looking at the curve of my breasts and my nipples which have popped and are straining against the fabric.

At this moment you lean in and kiss me.
It’s not a soft innocent kiss like before. It’s more urgent. Hungry even. You’re pushing your tongue into my mouth. I relax and let it in. It feels good. How can I resist? Why would I want to? I adore you and trust you completely.

I throw my arms around your neck and squirm against your fingers as you continue to stroke me. It feels so good I don’t want it to stop. I’m living in the moment. I don’t think about what other pleasures we could be experiencing. But you are…

You push my knickers to one side exposing my bare, smooth, moist pussy. You look down at it and smile. You tell me how pretty it looks and how much you want to stroke it. I smile back. I’m proud and pleased that you like it. I love it when you give me compliments. I don’t hesitate when you ask if you can kiss it. I say yes, of course.

You go down on your knees between my thighs and, dragging my knickers aside again, you lower your lips to mine and kiss me so gently I ache for more pressure. You slowly lick your way along my outer lips, all the way to my ass and back to my clit. The sensation is exquisite as you continue to tease me by kissing and licking me very, very gently which makes me lift my hips higher and higher trying to push my
moist pussy harder against your mouth. Using your fingers you gently part my lips and let your tongue immediately make contact with my swollen clit. You start off slowly teasing it with just the tip, barely making contact, and licking in one direction. Then, as I squirm beneath your expert tongue, you gradually increase the pressure and start flicking me slightly faster. My juices are flowing by now and your mouth and chin are wet and glistening from me.

Suddenly, I have this feeling….like I’m losing control. I let out a long, loud sigh as I give myself up to my overpowering emotions and the shuddering of my body. My orgasm washes over me like a huge wave of ecstatic bliss. I squirm against your mouth. It feels almost too much to bare so I push you away. But then I see the pleasure drain from your face and I immediately feel sorry for my actions.

So I launch myself at you, hugging you and kissing you on the lips. Of course I forgot where you’ve just been and I have the surprising flavour of my juices on my lips. I poke my tongue out and flick it across my lips while staring into your sexy, twinkly eyes. So this is how I taste. This is what you’ve been enjoying…..

(c) 2013 heavenlyhaven1808


11 thoughts on “Sweet

  1. Wow! Very exciting and erotic! A fabulous exploration of the dynamics of role play!

    This is certainly different from your previous work but I think you’ve done it really well and I hope there will be more like this!

    You’re a very talented writer and this proves that you can excite and delight with prose as well as poetry.

    Well done, I’m very impressed!

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