Poem for Darwin

You are a friend to many
Affectionate and true
You are a cunning linguist
And almost famous too

You’re a gorgeous, sexy poet
You have been my inspiration
And anyone who’s read The Flourish
Will ooze with perspiration

You always make me smile
Each and every day
With the lines that you write
In your own indomitable way

I don’t know what you look like
I don’t know how you sound
But if the rumours are correct
Your sex appeal astounds

Today it is your birthday
I’d love to wish you well
If only I could hug you
My heart would surely swell

I’d take you out for coffee
I’d buy a slice of cake
We’d have a good old natter
And your picture I would take

Of course I’m only dreaming
It’s something that I do
Meanwhile I’m just so grateful
To have a pal like you

So I wrote this birthday message
For you, my special friend
I hope that our connection
Will never, ever end

Happy Birthday @DarwinBlake

Lots of love

Angel xxx

(c) 2013 heavenlyhaven1808


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