My Valentine

I’m yours now
Slave to your will
Mistress of your mind
I need you
Like plants need sun
Soil needs rain
We all need oxygen
I’m aching
Until I’m with you again
My love
My healer of pain
You came to me
Just when I needed you most
Restored my faith
Fixed my heart
Loved me
Soothed me
Bathed me in your love
Your light
Repaired my wings
Encouraged me to fly once more
Caressed me
Seduced me
Connected to my very core
You are the one I’ve always looked for
The one I hoped & prayed for
You love me unconditionally
I hope I am worthy
I still have self doubt
You empathise
You realise how I’ve been hurt
You never criticise
How different you are to the others
My heart swells with love for you
I give you
My heart
My body
My soul
You’ve given me more than you’ll ever know

I love you

Happy Valentine’s Day

(c) 2013 heavenly haven1808


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