Our Night

You lifted my top
Above my head
Revealing lace bra
A confection in red
Newly acquired
For your delectation
For our first union
Our celebration
Of finally meeting
After months of tweeting
And talking on the phone
Listening to each other moan
I get to fuck you for real
Oh my!
How good it feels
To run my hands under your shirt
I promise it won’t hurt
As I nibble your skin
Tempting you to sin
Your chest now bare
I stroke curls of short dark hair
Then drag my fingers down
And start stroking you…there
You’re hard
But not to please
My desire
Is you to tease
As I kiss and flick my tongue
I don’t care that you’re so young
You’ve found my hidden treasure
As you start to give me pleasure
Slipping under soft red lace
You’ve a smile upon your face
When your fingers stroke my lips
To your hand I thrust my hips
You delve deeper to my clit
Slowly circling and teasing it
My juices gush and flow
Your fingers seem to know
Exactly what to do
As I stroke and fondle you
Sliding up and down your cock
It’s so hard it’s like a rock
I whisper in your ear
I want you
It’s so clear
You want me too
You turn me over
You pull me up
I’m on all fours
You sink into me
You fuck me
Like I need to be
We moan
And groan
Moving slowly
Then fast
Finally we cum
At last

(c) 2012 heavenlyhaven1808


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