Our First Date

You showed up at the square
I was late
For our first date
But you waited
And when our eyes met
It was as if a lightening bolt
Went through me
To my very core
We kissed
A gentle touch
Of lips
On cheeks
Hearts raced
Words tumbled out
Then we went for coffee
And ordered cake
Red Velvet
We sipped slowly
Teased a dialogue out of thin air
But couldn’t eat
Our tummies full
Of butterflies
They boxed up the cake
We left
On our way
To heaven
Or maybe hell
We checked into the hotel
Our excitement growing
When we got to the room
Yours was definitely showing
We kissed our first kiss
Standing by the door
You took off my coat
And let it fall to the floor
Our tongues they entwined
As your hands found their way
Over my curves
Your fingertips did play
As I stroked your face
My nipples touched your chest
Even through our clothes I knew
The sex would be the best

(c) 2012 heavenlyhaven


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