My Perfect Guy

My perfect guy is funny
Sexy, Cute
Intelligent to boot

He makes me laugh
He makes me cry
He even has a wandering eye

But its all worthwhile
When I see his wicked grin
Or hear his molten voice
Tempting me to sin

He makes me smile
Each and every day
And turns me on in every way

Sometimes we talk
Into the night
Hugging each other so very tight

He hardly speaks
But I know he’s there
I hope he knows I really care

He comes for hugs
He comes for kisses
Or whatever he so wishes

His tastes they vary
And his humour
He has a varying demeanour

His mood is up
Sometimes he’s down
I want to kiss away his frown

I’m at the mercy
Of his mood
I’m rarely treated as I should

I wait for him
For many hours
He comes. He goes
There’s never flowers

And yet his presence
Is a gift
It always gives me such a lift

There are contradictions
To be found
When my lover is around

He is every man
He is no man
He is my composite man

(c) 2012 heavenlyhaven1808


3 thoughts on “My Perfect Guy

  1. i love this, so teasing and inviting to be that “MAN”…. Thank you so much for sharing with me my dear. I have followed your blog. You are a true friend, knowing and a mystery all the same. Michael T.

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