Close to my heart

I kneel in front of you
Breasts oiled and pert
Just as you asked
I bought the oil
On your request
Tenderly applied it
To my nipples
And my breasts
As if it were your fingers
Touching me there
My lips
Slightly parted
Are ruby red and moist
Awaiting the touch
Of your velvety tip
My fingers
With nails painted red
To match
Curl around your length
And guide you
To my open mouth
Where tip of tongue
Darts out to greet you
And makes it’s exquisite journey
From base to tip
Then I devour you
But not for long
As I know your true desire
Is to lose yourself
Between my breasts
Your ultimate downfall
And so close to my heart

(c) 2012 heavenlyhaven1808


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