As soon as it started
I feared it would end
Too good to be true
My horny young friend

He’d ‘pop up’ for fun
Without a ‘hello’
But then stay for the day
Made my whole body glow!

I never knew when
He’d come over to play
But if I was good
Sex was better that way

He shone like the sun
Whenever he rose
To my words he came freely
Why for me…? Heaven knows!

I basked in his light
He was handsome and hot
He made this girl sweat
Like a lady should not

He pushed all my buttons
The ones I’d kept hidden
I’ll never forget him
Nor tell him good riddance

Yes so the end came
As I had predicted
I feel mostly sadness
But a little conflicted

I wish him the best
That an ex lover can
Now I’m looking around
For my next cyber man!


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